SubVon studio was established in 2016 when ex-March Violets guitar player Tom Ashton realized he needed to christen and share the space he worked in. Initially designed as a simple production suite when he began scoring for film, the studio now has a 400 sq ft live room with 10 ft ceilings. Since then many local and not so local clients have come for their recording, mixing, remixing and mastering requirements. 

Tom Ashton Bio

Starting in Leeds, Tom was a founder member and guitarist with gothic/post-punk band The March Violets. The band released many tracks now rated as classics of the genre. He also guested in bands The Sisters Of Mercy, The Danse Society and toured and recorded with Clan Of Xymox. As a side project to The Violets, he also co-wrote and recorded the first album from The Batfish Boys, The Gods Hate Kansas.

In 1987 his music was featured in director John Hughes’ coming of age drama, Some Kind Of Wonderful. A year later he co-wrote the score for Zelda Barron’s teen thriller, The Bulldance during his stint in London Records band, Hard Rain.

Throughout the 90’s he was based in London and played in various bands, including Amania, with ex-Violets singer Cleo Murray and Craig Adams from The Mission and also Bully, with Australian singer/songwriter Abi Tucker. He also ran FOH sound for Club Fred in Athens, GA before moving back to London where he ran sound for the bands Lovecraft, Freaks Of Desire, James Hall and The Rakes Progress.

The Violets reformed between 2007 and 2015, touring extensively in the USA and Europe before recording and releasing two albums, Made Glorious in 2013 and Mortality in 2015.

During this period Tom also scored nine feature films with director Daniel E. Falicki and two shorts for director Ryan Lieske.  In 2016 he embarked on an audio re-imagining of  E. Elias Merhige’s Begotten in tandem with it’s director.





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